Located where the Ozark Mountains meet the rolling Prairies of the Midwest Plains

Because of the location's mild climate, fresh air, low cost of living, low crime rate, slow pace of life, access to hunting and fishing, and area shopping, El Dorado Springs is a great place to raise your family with several area parks, start or relocate your business with lower overhead costs, or just retire and enjoy the scenery!


El Dorado Springs is the largest city in Cedar County with a population of approximately 4,000. Located on the border of the Missouri Ozarks and the Kansas Prairie, between Kansas City and Springfield, You can be in Joplin, Springfield or Kansas City in a little over an hour.  With medical facilities, doctors, dentists, and veterinarians, El Dorado Springs is a self-contained, self supporting community

Area Activities

El Dorado Springs and surrounding area is a hunter's dream oasis! Our rolling hills and prairies provide plenty of whitetail deer, squirrels, ducks, geese,  quail, dove, and wild turkeys (rank fifth in the nation) as well as are predators like coyote, red fox, and even some bobcats. Enjoy water sports? El Dorado Springs is surrounded by water with Stockton Lake, Truman Lake, Pomme de Terre and Schell Oasge Wildlife all nearby. Several rivers are available that provide great canoeing, kayaking, and fishing.

Farms and Ranches

The agricultural lands provide a good soil base for crop production such as corn, soybeans, milo and wheat, with a 192 day growing season that allows for double cropping. Most areas are conducive to running cattle with the more popular breeds being Angus, Limousin, and Polled Hereford. The mild climate and long growing season make it possible to run cow/calf pairs on two to five acres per year. Southwest Missouri leads the state in cow/calf production and the state ranks second in the nation.

Local Business is Good!

Commerce and Industry

El Dorado Springs area has been blessed with an abundance of industry since the industrial revolution of the late 1940s and early 1950s.  During those year, an active group of local businessmen pursued and were successful in acquiring several prominent industries including, but not limited to International Shoe, DunHill Shirt Company, Witt Printing, and Producers Creamery.  These industries employed initially 500-600 people giving El Dorado Springs a strong industrial base to complement the agricultural community.  El Dorado Springs is now is home to over 400+ industrial jobs as well as 400+ in the  healthcare field. 

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Downtown Revitalization

“We have this gorgeous park and new civic center, there was no point in letting the city fall down around us.”  A brief encounter between friends was the start of a non-profit organization that secured funds and motivated people to change the face of the city’s historic downtown. Group members then went to business owners and downtown property owners to explain their mission. Before long, the revitalization group had twenty-six building and business owners who pledged to upgrade their buildings and businesses, totaling $500,000 to $600,000 in proposed improvements. That figure increased to over $1 million. “It was mind-boggling what happened, just by telling people it doesn’t have to be this way.”

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Economic Development

New Economic Development Manager for Cedar County! Jobs and business are going to be her focus, Vance said. "The most important thing is to bring jobs to the area. Rural America is losing jobs." Vance has two main goals as an economic developer as she creates new jobs and develops the county's economy. One is to expand existing businesses or bring in businesses which serve to support the existing economic base and build on; the other is to "go beyond, to bring in new business to the county." Vance said she wants to build on what already works in the county and grow from there. She added her background in finance, business and economics will work well with the requirements of economic development.

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